Two Pieces of Personal Protective Equipment You Must Carry

Electric vehicles provide new opportunities for parts and equipment sales, especially high-voltage personal protective equipment (PPE).

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If automotive repair workshops in your service area are taking advantage of the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads around the UAE, then as a quality automotive parts distributor, there are two pieces of equipment you must stock to properly supply them.

Because while electric vehicles still are vehicles that will need maintenance or replacement of common parts, especially steering and suspension parts like shocks, struts, tie rods, etc., there are new opportunities for equipment sales: high-voltage personal protective equipment (PPE). Stocking this important equipment could be the best service offered to technicians working on electric vehicles.

One of the most important pieces of high-voltage PPE an automotive parts distributor can stock is rubber-insulated lineman's gloves that are rated at 1000V AC (Class 0). These gloves must have an expiration date, so it is important for distributors to carefully monitor stock. Distributors must do their due diligence to ensure they are not selling gloves too close to that date, as they must be replaced once the date passes.

Technicians working on electric vehicles rely on these gloves more than any other piece of equipment to the point that they must be inspected carefully before and after each use. Any damage – even a hole the size of a pinprick – can allow electricity through the gloves, injuring or killing the technician.

Because of this, most technicians wear a second pair of leather work gloves over the special lineman’s gloves to protect them from rips, tears, etc. That gives automotive parts distributors two types of gloves to stock.

A second piece of high-voltage PPE is actually for others in the service area: a large tool that looks like a large shepherd’s hook. The hook is used to pull a technician away from a high-voltage piece of equipment in case of emergency. These hooks also are specially made to block the flow of electricity and protect those in the shop who would have to use the tool in case of an emergency.

If there remains space for new parts in your automotive parts distributor business, there are a few other electric vehicle components to consider. According to Craig Van Batenburg, owner of Automotive Career Development Center and considered an expert in hybrids and electric vehicles, batteries are the No. 1 part to have the most sales potential. Beyond batteries, he says inverters, DC-DC converters, electric motors and regenerative braking components also have high sales potential for hybrids and electric vehicles.

Automotive parts distributors also can look into additional buttons and internal components for these higher-tech vehicles, in addition to other parts like controls or window motors, for example. In the end, these new vehicles provide additional sales potential not only for parts, but the greatly important high-voltage PPE.


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